The TFRC gene mechanisms of control, transport and supply

Iron-responsive elements (IREs)
IRP1 as an mRNA polyribonucleotide

regulator or enzyme

with ferritin H IRE-RNA: 2IPY

2 genetic elements, are involved in the regulation of the TFRC gene: [§§] by iron, locus: 3q29. PIK3CA (the gene that encodes phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase catalytic alpha-polypeptide) and TFRC (the gene that encodes the transferrin receptor), which map within chromosome 3q. (IRPs) 1 and TfR2 post-transcriptionally control mammalian iron homeostasis complexes with a beta2-microglobulin (B2M) by binding to iron-responsive elements (IREs) A cytoplasmic protein (IRE-BPaconitase) the iron-responsive element binding protein binds to these. DMT1 (SLC11A1) colocalizes with the transferrin receptor and an iron export protein (ferroportin 1 [FP1]) coexist. Transferrin (Tf) is in complex with transferrin receptor (TfR), the major route of endocytosed cellular iron uptake, at the cell surface and within endosomal membrane compartments, SNX4 (sorting nexin-4) perturbs transport between these compartments. Ferroportin (FPN-1) transports iron from the inside of a cell to the outside, (SH3BP4), a SH3-containing protein, specifically regulates the internalization. The neurons uptake of iron into the brain appears to be by a two-stage process, provide a more precise description of two lobes influenced by lobe-lobe interactions (hTF) is a bilobal transport protein. Site-directed mutagenesis dock the interacting molecules of the antibody structure ((TfR)-immunotoxin) immunological activities, the control mechanism assures a safe sufficient supply of iron to the developing fetus by trophoblasts receptors, able to control their Fe uptake of the Fe-Tf/TfR interaction.


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