Ceruloplasmin mechanisms controlling the expression of proteins long known–

Like transferrin (TF), ceruloplasmin [CP] locus: 3q23-q24: [§§] (Cp, ferro-O2-oxidoreductase, EC, is a plasma metalloprotein link between copper and iron metabolism in mammals, ferroxidase found in vertebrate ferritin heavy chain [FTH1] regulate the oxidation of Fe(II) to Fe(III) necessary for iron egress from intestinal enterocytes into the circulation iron regulatory proteins (IRP)-1 and -2, and hepcidin for mutations might modulate the CP iron burden down-regulation, and up-regulation of Tfrc [transferrin receptor]-1 and 2. Ceruloplasmin is the major multicopper ferroxidase in blood. Iron overload associated with hereditary forms of hemochromatosis, 6p21.3, 20p12. Failure to incorporate multicopper ferroxidase 3q23-q24, is termed apoceruloplasmin.

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